This livestream discussed SWTOR Patch 6.2, their anniversary updates and the return of Life Day.

This livestream was streamed on Twitch on November 20th, 2020.

New Flashpoint: The Spirit of Vengeance
Shae Vizla’s forces are under assault by Mandalorians who want to undermine her leadership as Mandalore.
This flashpoint difficulties include: Solo, Story, Veteran and Master Mode

The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint

Echoes of Oblivion Story
Echoes Of Oblivion

New Login Reward System
New SWTOR Login Rewards

What is the new SWTOR Login Reward System?

The Login Reward System is a new way to earn rewards each time you log into the game. All players, regardless of their subscription status, are eligible to participate.
In addition to the Login Reward, Subscribers are eligible for a Weekly Bonus Reward! Subscribers who log into the game at least 4 days during a week will be eligible to claim their Weekly Bonus Reward, which will vary from week to week.

What can I be rewarded for logging in?
Credit Chips
Scavenged Scrap
Assorted Droid Parts
Jawa Junk
Kai Zykken’s Satchel of Dyes
Cartel Certificates
Purple Sparkle Powder ( 7th login in a calendar)
Tech Fragments (14th and 28th logins in a calendar)
Credit Chips (21st login in a calendar)
Personal Conquest Requisition (Grants 50k Personal Conquest points – 28th login in a calendar)
Legendary Embers (28th login in a calendar)
Personal Conquest Requisition (Grants 50k Personal Conquest points)
Valor Token (Grants 6k Valor)
Badge of Renown (Grants 160k Renown)
Crate of Universal Prefabs (Grants 1 of each MK-1, MK-2, MK-3, and MK-4 Universal Prefabs)

Read more about the new login system here.

New Emote Window

Return of Life Day
There will be new rewards for Life Day this year.
New Life Day Rewards

10th Anniversary of SWTOR
Hint about their plans for 10th Anniversary Update. It seems that the developers hinted that rendering will be changed.
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