It’s fair to say that Star Wars’ new multi-pronged literary initiative, Star Wars: The High Republic, got off to a good start. Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi soared to the summit of The New York Times Best Sellers list with a #1 debut and the accompanying material of Young Adult and Junior novels and comics … Continue reading REVIEW: Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm

Ah, Fridays. A day that has become synonymous with Star Wars as much as the months of May and December. Yes, we’re back again to discuss another great episode of The Bad Batch, that sees our heroes try to restock on supplies and face off against a very familiar foe. All while managing to display … Continue reading RECAP: Star Wars: The Bad Batch – E4: Cornered

Isn’t it fantastic waiting for new Star Wars content again on a weekly basis? It’s just a joy being able to watch these brand new stories and escaping into a galaxy, far, far away. Yes, The Bad Batch returns with an episode that explores a family coping with their loss while trying to look after … Continue reading RECAP: Star Wars: The Bad Batch – E3: Replacements